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Hugo Frones

Born in 1950 in Montevideo, Uruguay, but painting in Canada since 1975 Hugo Frones work is displayed in galleries and private collections internationally. Frones graduated with a degree in technical and design drafting and has been painting professionally for over 20 years. He has won many awards for his paintings and has been invited by juries to show in many group exhibitions.

Influenced by the abstract expressionist movement Frones large, powerful abstract canvases are intuitive rather than cerebral and organized. I feel a poetic intelligence working through me. Within a concise vocabulary of visual elements, I approach each painting with an intuitive sense of where I want to go and how I will get there. I sense when the work is right and when a series of paintings is complete.

Using bold colours with a loose brush, Frones canvases are able to evoke many emotions; each piece having a different feeling and each viewer feeling it differently. The rigour and excitement involved in the painting process is clear in his work. The scale of his paintings helps shape their composition. He has an intuitive feeling of whether to keep it small or let it go large. Working with acrylic paint on canvas Frones is very fond of warm colours reminding him of the Mediterranean, but also contrasts with cool blues and greys. It is difficult to explain more about a process that is so intuitive and spontaneous, so, I invite the viewer to consider these comments and let the work speak for itself.

Hugo Frones



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