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David Thai

Artist Statement

"Glass is the medium that best reflects my innermost feelings. When approaching glass in it's fluid state, I am deeply moved by the metamorphosis from a molten state to the solidified shape of my design."


The process begins by dipping a blowpipe or blow tube into a furnace of molten glass. The glass taken is in liquid form and so hot that it appears white. The molten glass is inflated into a bubble by use of the blowpipe, and takes different shape and thickness as it is rolled onto the marver (a slab of steel or marble) where its skin can cool. The glassblower will then reheat the glass between steps. Temperature control and use and pressure of tools, such as shears, blocks, tweezers, paddles and seers, are strategically combined to form the shape. In the final stage, the piece is put into an annealer to cool and harden.

One unique feature of the work of David Thai is the use of silver foil on the surface of the blown glass in both the Signature Series and Classical Series of hand blown glass. This silver foil is specially ordered from Japan. David finds inspiration in the intricate cane work of Italian master glass blowers and designers. Through the exploration of these techniques, he achieves a balance of craftsmanship and concept. The Signature series of vessels is the artists interpretation of the classical Asian vessels of his childhood.


David Thai is a Chinese-Canadian Glass Artist who emigrated from Vietnam in 1985. Much of the inspiration for his present day works comes from the time spent in Asia as a child. The Bounty series of work was inspired by memories of childhood fishing experiences and the Signature series of vessels is the artists interpretation of the classical Asian vessels seen throughout his childhood.

Upon graduating David was accepted as a full-time Resident of the Harbourfront Center in Toronto. While there he was both a resident artist and an Instructor of Glassblowing. It was during this period of time where he began to exhibit his work at shows and in galleries across Canada and the United States.

Whether David Thai is creating a blown glass vessel or a piece of glass sculpture, his focus is on both the creation of a timeless design with a contemporary style and a high level of technical skill. His constant focus is on creating objects that will beautify their surroundings.



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