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Loretta Banderas

Born in the Midwest, Loretta received her BA from what is now Truman University in Kirksville, MO. She went on to complete a M.F.A in painting from Southern Illinois University. In 1988, Loretta moved to Phoenix Arizona were she continues to live and work.

Artist Statement:

"The natural world is and has always been the primary inspiration for my work. I make landscapes reflecting the places where I have lived and traveled. I believe that the landscape can communicate on many levels. I am also inspired to make still life pictures with flowers, bones and other objects, Over the years I have learned a lot about painting techniques, but technique alone is not an end, only a means. Communication is the objective. For me, a painting not merely a pretty object, but must contain something that contacts the subconscious. I see no reason why this cannot be realized even in those less expensive, less time consuming images that end up in furniture stores, corporate offices, and tract homes"



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